the future

Perhaps the first post should be about the idea of the future — yes, the Not-yet. That is the main concern. If not that, what else? I am amazed at the present stage of the world, not to speak of the past, history — a history of violence for the most part. Certainly, there have been accomplishments, of a poetic and technical nature. Ethically, it is ethically that we are behind, and fast-moving backwards. So the project will be that of a practice of the future, a poetry of the future. The focus will be on what blocks a better world, a better future, from actualization. Sovereignty is what soon comes to mind, the will to domination, ignorance. A better future is one without violence, yet violence is everywhere, and it seems to be the deep structure of our world — as well as being what surfaces in it all the time. Certainly the answer will not be the violence that ends all violence, the war that ends all wars. Rather, the answer lies in a change of strategy and a refusal.

Just today two events make us think: an anarchist bookstore bombed in London; a bomb in Ankara attributed to ‘leftists.’ The sovereign elites (I will use this term in a technical way) will not be content with their past and present wars, the thwarting of movements for dignity everywhere: they will go farther, adding violence to violence. It is imperative that their sinister machine be deactivated. As multitudes have been showing, the means to do that is full and absolute democratization, starting with a reversal of language and discourse — a rolling into the future, to begin with.

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